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Lyme Regis - Pearl of Dorset

Welcome to Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis boasts breathtaking scenery and a special mystique, making it a sparkling resort for all seasons. Its historic Cobb and harbour are iconic features, set against moody blue cliffs yielding fossilised evidence of life on earth millions of years ago.

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An ancient town featured in the Domesday Book, Lyme Regis is home to a number of historical landmarks and educational attractions. From the watermill, which dates all the way back to the 14th century, to the beautiful St Michael’s Church and the fascinating Lepers Well, the picturesque and tranquil Lyme Regis is a great place to discover a lot that you didn’t know about the UK’s heritage.

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The Jurassic Coast

Situated at the heart of the Jurassic Coast, Lyme Regis is a major centre for fossil collecting, recognised and acclaimed worldwide.

An official World Heritage Site, the Jurassic Coast is a must-visit for anyone interested in geology, history or stunning coastal scenery, and some of the 95-mile long stretch’s most scenic spots can be found around the Lyme Regis area. Places worth exploring include the Blue Lias cliffs – which are abundant with rare ammonites and other fossils – and the inspirational Pinhay Bay.

Every year, Lyme Regis plays host to its famous fossil festival, which sees thousands of enthusiasts of all ages flock to the town annually to learn more about some fascinating periods of UK history.

Lyme Regis Literary Links

Famously depicted in the film version of John Fowles' The French Lieutenant's Woman and Jane Austen's Persuasion, the resort's unique appeal wins her a deserved accolade as the Pearl of the Dorset coast - a gem in the Westcountry's holiday playground.

Whilst the town as a whole is the scene of one of Persuasion’s most important passages, it is, however, the town’s instantly recognisable harbour wall – known as The Cobb – which can claim to be Lyme Regis’s most significant literary location. In Fowles’ classic novel, it is the place where the story’s heroine, Sarah Woodruff, spends all of her spare time, looking out over the wall to the wild sea beyond. The Cobb was not forgotten in the BAFTA and Golden Globe-winning film adaptation, either, even featuring with star Meryl Streep on the movie’s promotional poster.

A Popular Dorset Holiday Destination

Lyme Regis draws people from all over the globe, many of whom return year after year to relive memorable holidays and enjoy a varied programme of novel events and activities, including art and music festivals. The variety and extent of the available entertainment is boosted by the fact that Lyme Regis is believed to be the smallest town in the country to have its own thriving cinema and theatre. Whatever the weather, Lyme is always the place to be.

Whatever time of year you come to Lyme Regis, you are sure to find many exciting activities and attractions to keep you and your family entertained. With fantastic annual events like the Lyme Regis Carnival and Regatta, the Lifeboat Week and the Christmas Tree Festival, this charming, peaceful and surprisingly vibrant Dorset setting is the ideal place to take a well-earned break.

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