Boat Building Academy's Class of February to launch vessels

LYME Regis Boat Building Academy's latest graduates will set sail in their self-made vessels from the town's harbour.

At midday on Wednesday 23 November, the students will take to the water for the first time.

Just eight months ago, the Class of February 2016 were learning how to sharpen chisels and make dovetail joints.

Now they’re making boats as part of their training on the Boat Building Academy's intensive 38-week ‘Boat Building, Maintenance and Support’ course.

You can read what brought each student to the Academy on their class page and follow the progress of the boat builds here.

On 23 November at 11.30am, the boats will be led from the academy’s workshops on Monmouth Beach to the slipway at Lyme Regis Harbour.

Champagne corks will pop and at midday, each boat will be launched into the water for the first time.

The launch will celebrate the achievements of the class, the end of their training at the academy and the start of their new lives as boat builders.