Holy Cow! Rotary's photo competition is in aid of a good cause

HOLY Cow! There’s something strange going on in Lyme Regis this summer.

Rotary Club's Cow Selfie competitionThe Rotary Club of Lyme Regis is encouraging people to take part in a cow photographic competition in aid of a good cause.

The competition, which runs from 1 May to 14 November, will support the charity Lend With Care, and other Rotary-supported chariities.

People are invited to purchase a model cow to feature in photographs in weird and wonderful places.

Cows, which cost £5, can be bought from Lyme Regis Rotarians, Serendip book shop or Martin Dip-lock estate agents, both in Broad Street, or from the rotary club’s stall at the Marine Parade Shelters on Red Arrows Day, Thursday 21 July.

The photographs should then be posted to a specially-created Facebook page called SelfieCowlyme.

Only photographs of a cow which has been purchased from the above outlets will be judged, within three categories.

The open category is for a picture of a Cow in any location or situation in the world, and category two is for photos of a cow taken within five miles of the Cobb in Lyme Regis – these should have a local landmark or other identifiable feature to show where they have been taken.

Category three is for local schools which have been provided with a cow to be photographed by pu-pils.

The winners of each category will each receive £50 and they will be judged by Lyme Regis photogra-pher Richard Austin to decide the overall winner.

Winners will be contacted in December 2016.

The proceeds of this initiative will go to the charity Lend With Care, as well as other Rotary-supported charities.

Lend With Care is a charity which offers a revolutionary way of helping some of the world's poorest people transform their own future or that of their communities, with donations being loaned to people who want to work their own way out of poverty though their own small business.

The charity is then paid back by the business and these funds can be returned to the original donor, or loaned out again, and so forth.

Small businesses such as tailoring, opening a market stall, a small garage, diversifying crops on a small-holding might benefit. For more information visit www.lendwithcare.org.

The Rotary Club of Lyme Regis will retain the right to use all entries in publicity and other club based activities.