Images from the ArtsFest 2016 Sculpture Trail
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ArtsFest 2016 Sculpture Trail

The Story

Until the start of October, Lyme Regis indulges in public art like never before. A free printed Sculpture Trail Map is available to help you find the artwork. Fourteen sculptors will be represented through 35 works deployed over three distinct trails.

Online support is available through the ArtsFest website, providing a deeper insight into the artists and their work (including several videos commissioned specifically for the event) - ArtsFest Website

For those that have walked the trail, the organisers would greatly appreciate your feedback via the website – Survey page

Getting to know our sculptors

Our artists were selected from across the region and their work represents a comprehensive cross-section of the visual arts with the emphasis on outdoor display and sympathy with the specific sites chosen for the work.

To view their complete profiles click the link on their name below. Each has a different story and some stories have been animated with a short video clip.

Seeking New Funding

Would you like to help get a public art presence going in Lyme Regis on an ongoing basis?

Only through a successful bid for funds with Aviva are we likely to do it. That success could be possible if residents and friends of Lyme Regis vote the project to the top of its category.

We’d need you to register with Aviva, check that you are on OUR project, select the 10 votes option, and vote, then pass the same invitation on to family and friends. Voting closes at noon November 18th. Click here to vote.

In the town gardens, the sculptures which would remain for an extra year would include ‘Ripple’ by Michael Fairfax, ‘Speaking Volumes’ by David Parker, ‘Skateboarder’ by Greta Berlin, ‘Core Sample Pillar #1, and #2’ by Isla Chaney, ‘Trapeze’ by Clare Trenchard, and ‘Obsession’ by Pete Hackett. A bronze cast of ‘Hareman’ would be commissioned for an extended stay. Further sculptures may be included on privately-owned land as funds permit.

Adrian Gray

Adrian GrayAdrian Gray, is the pioneer of stone balancing art. Unfortunately his sculpture was vandalised and has been removed.

Isla Chaney

Isla ChaneyIsla Chaney makes intriguing structures that are contemplative and deliberately ambiguous. They are concerned with the internal architecture of things.

Dave Holland

Dave HollandDave Holland uses mostly clay and plaster to develop ideas before realising them by carving in stone or having them cast in bronze or filled resin.

John Calder

John CalderFor John Calder the scope for converting hedge-laying brash and tree surgery waste into sculpture still appears to be endless.

Carolyn King

Carolyn KingCarolyn King will have one mosaic bee in our 2016 Parklands Sculpture Trail and another in the Artisan Sculpture Trail.

David Parker

David ParkerDavid Parker is drawn to the structural imagery of the industrial and the natural world and to the patterns (or metapatterns) that form the basis for material existence.

Camilla Laing-Tate

Camilla Laing-TateCamilla Laing-Tate's installation is inspired by the history of the site we chose for her – Lepers Well in the old town.

Ronnie Creswell

Ronnie CreswellRonnie Creswell has explored prayer trees before and here we have another in the Miller’s garden at the Town Mill.

Clare Trenchard

Clare TrenchardClare Trenchard studied sculpture at the Chelsea School of Art where she graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 1978. She works in clay, plaster or wax and the sculptures are cast in bronze or bronze resin.

Michael Fairfax

Michael FairfaxMichael Fairfax left Newport art college in 1980, worked as a sculptor and became a public artist, with work deployed at home and abroad.

Nick Henderson

Nick HendersonNick Henderson has always been interested in sculpture and has links with Lyme Regis reaching back to his teens.

Caroline Sharp

Caroline SharpCaroline Sharp worked as a landscape architect for thirty years on public space projects in London and Dorset. She is an artist now based in Dorset and has exhibited her work throughout the UK.

Greta Berlin

Greta BerlinGreta Berlin was born and brought up in and around St Ives and was inspired by Bernard Leach, potter and Philosopher and her father Sven Berlin, sculptor.