Images from the ArtsFest 2016 Sculpture Trail
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Lyme Sculpture Trail

The Story

The Langmoor and Lister Gardens in the heart of Lyme Regis have been home to the Sculpture Trail since 2015. Perched above the beach, with far-reaching views to the Cobb and coastline beyond, the gardens provide a perfect outdoor gallery for a range of contemporary sculptures by local artists.

Selected each year from established and upcoming artists, the artworks are chosen to represent a cross-section of the visual arts encompassing different materials and styles. We aim to enhance the natural beauty of the gardens and wider landscape through providing a creative experience for visitors.

Find out more about the current sculptures below and click on the artists’ names to discover their individual stories.

We hope you enjoy the trail.

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Discover the Sculptures

Download a PDF trail map of the gardens with the sculpture locations here (coming soon).

The Sculptures

Breaking Through

Breaking Through, by Carrie Mason

“This sculpture is about finding a moment for quiet contemplation in an age of distraction. The rhythmic, repetitive mark making is a meditative drawing process which pierces hundreds of holes, perforating the surface, manipulating and transforming into a delicate organic form."

Carrie Mason is a visual artist, graduating in MA Fine Art at Bournemouth University in 2017. She combines systematic mark making with an experimental approach to using materials.


Ripple, by Michael Fairfax

“This is a monolith cast from the original wood carving in Douglas fir, which depicts the ripple effects left in the sand by the receding sea."

Michael Fairfax left Newport art college in 1980, worked as a sculptor and became a public artist, with work deployed at home and abroad.


Skateboarder, by Greta Berlin

“In this piece I tried to capture the moment of a twisting jump and the energy, vibrancy and sheer joy of youth. The technical demands of balance in this design were an interesting challenge.”

Greta Berlin was born and brought up in and around St Ives and was inspired by Bernard Leach, potter and philosopher and her father Sven Berlin, sculptor.

The Air We Breathe

The Air We Breathe, by Brendon Murless

“I wanted to highlight the importance of trees, for air and life, by showing the clear structural similarities in our lungs and the branches of a tree."

Brendon Murless specialises in creating unique sculptures that blur the boundaries between traditional techniques and contemporary artwork, across a range of materials.


Trapeze, by Clare Trenchard

“This playful sculpture was inspired by the acrobats performing in Covent Garden, London. My work concentrates on capturing the strength, power and movement of animals. It is the essence of the animal that interests me."

Clare Trenchard studied sculpture at the Chelsea School of Art, where she graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 1978. She works in clay, plaster or wax and her sculptures are cast in bronze or bronze resin.

Open Form 1 & 2

Open Form 1 & 2, by Isla Chaney

“I’m concerned with the internal architecture of things and focusing on the patterns and growth and transformation inherent to all natural phenomena. Part object, part imagination, they explore proportions of solid mass and open space."

Isla Chaney makes intriguing structures that are contemplative and deliberately ambiguous.

Speaking Volumes

Speaking Volumes, by David Parker

“This piece is a sculpture of contrasts fabricated in steel and brass. My work combines opposites, organic form and rigid symmetry, interior and exterior, dark and light."

David Parker is drawn to the structural imagery of the industrial and the natural world and to the patterns (or metapatterns) that form the basis for material existence.

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