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Beachcomber Gallery


67 Broad Street
Lyme Regis

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Tel: 01297 445774
Lyme Regis is some kind of timewarp paradise... In summer our little yacht bobs in the harbour, only a short stroll away along the Marine Parade. Home is just up the hill. Our gallery/shop is near the seafront, a soft breeze blows, windsurfers are skipping over the sparkling waves... In winter it's cocoa and a warm fire!

Artists and crafts people wander in with wonderful things, traders come by.. laden with wares. Have a look around. Lots of our things are one-offs that you won't have seen anywhere else. We don't carry a load of anything so things come and go... like the tide. If nothing takes your fancy today, please stop by things are always drifting in. And we're always glad to see you.