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Local Services

Lyme Regis Fire Station


Hill Road
Lyme Regis

Contact Details

Tel: 01305 252600
This station is crewed by On-Call (Retained) staff.

On-Call Firefighters may have other jobs and must live or work within four minutes of the station as, when needed for an emergency, they are paged to respond. The fire engine must leave the station within five minutes of an emergency call being received, so you must be able to respond quickly. Many local employers release their staff to support us and a high number are self-employed. We are extremely grateful for all their help and support.

The crew train every Monday night to make sure they can respond safely and effectively to all types of incidents.

They also support the ambulance service with co-responding and aim to respond to medical emergencies within five minutes from the time they receive the call. For further information visit: